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Success Story: Stony Brook University Hospital

The Challenge

Stony Brook University Hospital aimed to minimize insulin-related risks in the inpatient setting. While their strategy of dispensing patient-specific vials reduced insulin errors compared to the use of insulin pens, it greatly increased the amount of waste generated. Shockingly, they discovered they were wasting more insulin than they were administering.

The Innovative Solution

Stony Brook chose to pilot the Multi-Flag label system with insulin glargine. Instead of individual vials for patients, they stocked vials in their automated dispensing machines. Attached to each vial was one or more of our Multi-Flag label. These labels, equipped with six detachable barcode labels, enabled nurses to label syringes for bedside barcode scanning. This streamlined process ensured accurate dosage recording and billing in the electronic medical record.

Proven Results

A staggering 61% drop in purchased insulin vials within the first month, increasing to a 67% reduction by year's end. This translated to an annual savings for Stony Brook of approximately $216,000 and reduced waste by around 2,500 vials. Additional data from the case study shown in the graphs below.

They also noted the ease to expand the application to other multi-dose medications, including other insulin preparations.

Beyond Insulin

The Multi-Flag isn't just for insulin. It's ideal for any multi-dose medication, hard-to-read drugs, or those lacking a bedside barcode. This includes:

• Vaccines
• Nebulizers
• Liquids

• Suppositories

• Restasis eye drops

• Creams, cough syrups, and more!

The Multi-Flag is also available in any color needed for additional differentiation or high risk/high alert medications.

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Millions of our Multi-Flag labels are trusted and used by hospitals every year. Their choice isn't just about a label; it's about unparalleled ROI, safety, and efficiency.

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